We’ll have two concurrent streams of speakers and workshops running throughout the day. Check out the program and the site map to find out what’s on where. There’s sure to be something on which catches your interest.
Some of our featured speakers:

Claire Bickle

Claire Bickle is a qualified Brisbane based horticulturist. Holding a Diploma in Horticulture and an Advanced Design Certificate in Permaculture.
 She has worked in multiple areas within the horticultural industry for over 25 years and she is currently the vice-president of The Horticultural Media Association of Qld.

Claire enjoys regularly presenting gardening talkback and chook talkback sessions on ABC radio, delivering Sustainability Seminars for many SEQ Council libraries and guest speaking at many different Queensland/NSW gardening events. Claire also co-hosted on the TV show Blooming in Brisbane for several seasons, trains for eco-organics, delivers workshops for Graham Ross’ garden clinic club and still dabbles in retail at Brookfield Garden Centre. Claire writes for many horticultural and sustainability publications such as, Earth Garden & Good Organic Gardening magazines and writes for the Courier Mail Qweekend on a monthly basis.
Her passion for everything horticultural stems from many a childhood day spent in the company of her grandmother, an avid gardener and plant lover. Having lived on acreage for the past 25 years, Claire enjoys pursuing her love of nature and sustainable gardening in a subtropical climate by growing with her family of three children their own organic produce and enjoying the challenge of blending this in with the surrounding environment and with her other plant passions, natives and flowering perennials. Promoting the benefits of gardening on all levels is her passionate pursuit: “Love what you Do – Do what you Love”. Additionally over this time Claire has also become successful breeder of various types of purebred poultry.
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Margaret Sear

Education for Sustainability (EdfS) consultation and support.

As a past childhood Educator for Sustainability I offer opportunities to work with and mentor people in building and embedding sustainable practices within their homes and organisations to improve sustainable practices and procedures and particularly reduce or eliminate single use plastic. I strive to engage with the community in building these processes, as well as providing workshops and discussion sessions.
It’s so easy being green! Use your green lens to …
Refuse, reuse, recycle, reduce, rethink, relearn, repair, restore, relate, respond, revisit, relax!

Tim Barker

Tim is a perennially ash and grease stained appropriate technology tinkerer
with a professional mechanical background.

A long time Permaculture practitioner in the past he has worked at The Permaculture Research Institute Australia as farm manager and teacher, with the the Koanga Institute (PRI) in NZ, Paul Wheatons rocket mass innovators events in the US and with long time friends The Crew at Very Edible Gardens (VEG) in Melbourne where he teaches two or three times a year. More recently he has begun teaching the Appropriate Technology section of the Northey Street Farm’s thrice yearly PDC. He has a Permaculture diploma in Appropriate Technology with a specialty in efficient wood combustion.

Dolphin Research Australia

Dolphin Research Australia Inc. is a charitable organisation whose mission is to increase the understanding of the ecology of dolphins, whales, their needs for survival and to improve their conservation and protection of their habitats.

Dolphin Research Australia was established in 2012 and since our humble beginnings, we have come leaps and bounds thanks to our amazing supporters and continue to provide a voice for the protection of dolphins and the oceans.
Our Mission

  • Aid in the protection and conservation of dolphins and other marine species through research and education
  • Undertake research into key ecological aspects of dolphins and whales to improve the understanding of their requirements for survival
  • Advance knowledge on the impacts of human activities on the health of dolphins, whales and the marine environment
  • Raise environmental awareness and conservation issues through education and training programs

Contact: Web